Temple High National History Club

The National History club is a nationally recognized organization that brings students together to get history out of the textbooks and into your daily lives. By exploring the world around us in an exciting and energizing way, we can become better students and ambassadors of our school by participating in community service, engaging in history in multiple different facets and celebrating those that came before us. 




National History Club Sponsors

Coach John Garner: (11th and 12th Grade) (Honors Societies)

Coach Shawn McDowell

Coach Jared Aldridge



Club Constitution and By-Laws (Click Here)

History Club Point System (Click Here)

History Club Dues

The dues are $20 per year to be paid at the time of registration. These are annual dues that will cover a club shirt and the club charter and can be paid to Coach Garner or through the school History Club pay link. (Click Here to Pay Online)


Keep Calm and Join History Club

Club Activities Include:

These Are Only A Few of the Things To Choose From

  • Guest Speakers: (You Never Know Who It Will Be)
  • Voter Registration Drive (School and Community)
  • Writing Contest: (VFW Voice of Democracy, Lessons of Leadership,etc.)
  • Movie Nights (With Commentary)
  • Veterans Day Commemoration/DVD For Troops/Cookie Donations
  • Veterans Oral History Project (Library of Congress)
  • Monthly Recognition Bulletin Boards
  • Student Vet Connect Program
  • 9/11 Commemoration
  • Bert Show's Big Thank You
  • Field Trips when possible 
  • Genealogy Research (Ancestry.com)
  • Raise money for local veterans organizations
  • Conduct and Compile Video Histories
  • Throw Back Dress Up Days
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History Club Student Council:

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History Honors Societies

National History Club Scholars Society

The NHSS recognizes Club members receiving an average of a B grade or higher in at least one honors/AP history class, 2+ years in History Club, and recommendation by Advisor. All students receive burgundy honor cords to wear at graduation.

Rho Kappa National Honors Society

Rho Kappa Social Studies Honor Society is the only national organization for high school juniors and seniors that recognizes excellence in the field of Social Studies. To be inducted, students must receive an average of an overall and social studies specific 3.5 non weighted GPA, have completed four semesters of social studies, be part of and in good standing with the history club, and be recommended by an advisor to be inducted into the society. All students will receive an honor cord to wear at graduation.