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School owned technology such as e-readers, iPads, iPods, chromebooks, laptops, etc... are available for student use. The use of these technologies is a privilege; hence, students must exhibit responsible and mature behavior. For this reason, THS requires a parental signature before technology can be checked out to a student. Such technology is to be used only for school purposes and students must comply with the Acceptable Use Policy which is located in the student handbook. Students and parents should understand that they are financially responsible for any damage, loss/theft, or charges incurred as a result of inappropriate use of technology equipment. 


Students may visit the media center (Mrs. Sabrina Thompson) to checkout equipment. All seniors may request a Nook for their senior year. The media center provides many technologies to the students and teachers throughout the school year to enhance instruction. 

Bring Your Own Technology Device
Questions and Answers for Students
Q: How do I get permission to bring my technology device to school?
A: You and your parent must read, agree with, and sign the Bring Your own
Technology Device Student Use Agreement provided to you by a teacher. You may not
bring or use any technology device until this step is completed.
Q: What devices may I bring to school?
A: You may bring a netbook or laptop computer to school. Mobile devices, such as
iPads, Android Tablets, smartphones, iPods, and other devices are also acceptable.
Q: What kind of device should I bring?
A: This depends on the classes you have and projects assigned. Mobile devices, for
example, are easy to carry and have access to the WiFi applications you will be using.
Laptops and netbooks may allow you to be more productive when creating documents,
movies, or other digital media. Ask your teachers to help determine what technology will
best enable you to be successful.
Q: If I bring my smartphone to school, may I text or make phone calls?
A: The principal of your school sets the rules for cell phone use at school.
Generally, you may use your cell phone for personal calls, texting, listening to music
with headphones, or other purposes before entering the building in the morning, after
exiting the building in the afternoon.
Q: Are teachers required to allow my use of a personally owned technology
A: No. Teachers may decide what is appropriate for their classrooms.