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Shandrika Bromfield Staff Photo

I have earned a Masters degree in Mathematics with emphasis on Statistics, a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics with emphasis on education, as well as gained Certification in Mathematics 6-12. 


  Masters Degree in Mathematics with 9 credit hours in Statistics,

  Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics with 15 credit hours in Education

  Professional Teaching Certificate in Grades 6-12

  18 years teaching Mathematics at the High School level

  18 years teaching Basic, Regular, Honors, and  AP

  18 years experience teaching: Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, College Algebra, Statistics, and Calculus.

  18 years Team Teaching

  3 years teaching Mathematics at the Adults and Continuing Education level

  3 years experience writing Mathematical Standards

  12 years teaching and applying AP Statistics

•   5 years experience performing Statistical Analysis

  18 years experience with students with disabilities