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TCI Wireless Partner for STEM
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Monday, January 07, 2019
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TCI Wireless Becomes STEM Partner for Temple High School


TCI Wireless partners with Temple High School for STEM certification. TCI Wireless donated $3500 to Temple High School in December for the STEM Program. The company will also send company representatives to the school to talk to students about the electrical industry. The company is excited to share information with students and how STEM can help students with their career choices. Mr. Thompson states he is happy to assist students at Temple High School with STEM projects. It is important for students to learn these skills to be successful in this competitive industry. Students interested in the electrical field will have a chance to ask questions and discuss how they can work in this industry. The company is one of the Southeast’s leading equipment integrators in the wireless industry.


TCI Wireless is an Equipment Integrator in the Wireless Industry. We specialize in the installation of Base Stations, Network Equipment, Power Systems, Battery Systems, Microwave Radios, and the other hardware integral to the construction of a complete, robust, and reliable wireless network.

Our two facilities located in Georgia allow us to quickly service a large area of the Southeast. For more than 30 years we have led the industry in innovation, quality, and efficiency. We have played a major role in constructing one of the nation’s largest cellular networks. We pride ourselves in our rigorous uncompromising standards and comprehensive service that have kept us at the forefront of building tomorrow’s network.

–TCI Wireless

Temple High School is honored to partner with TCI Wireless for STEM certification (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).

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