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Infinite Campus Help
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Thursday, August 10, 2017
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Carroll County Schools

Student Portal, Mobile Portal and reset instructions for Infinite Campus






EMAIL:    if you need assistance.             

The Student Portal and Mobile Portal will allow you to see your information including attendance, grades, class assignments, school calendars, schedule announcements and other information.  It’s especially useful if you are enrolled in more than one school student.  Parents/Guardians are encouraged to obtain their own portal account.  They can do this by visiting your school and asking for their own activation code. 

Before using the Student Mobile app for the first time or after your account is reset, you must first log into the portal on a computer/laptop and change your password and set your security questions.    


For Accounts that have been reset recently (most common)




  1. Click on STUDENTS
  2. Click on Infinite Campus Student Portal
  3. Enter your user name into the Username field.  Your username is your lunch number.
  4. The temporary password is
  5. The next screen will be:  CLICK YES   (NOTE: If the next screen does not look like this, you have already set the security questions.  Move onto the next step).


 Enter in your current email address and choose the 8 images you like and the 8 images you do not like. 


Once you choose the like and dislike images, scroll down and enter in the password you logged in with.  It’s the temp password.   


  1. Next, go under Account Management and create a new password.  You are now ready to use your parent portal account.


Mobile App info

There is an Infinite Campus Mobile app that is available for students and parents/legal guardians.  The link and instructions for the mobile app can be found on the main page of the portal by scrolling to the bottom and clicking on the Get District ID icon.  You cannot reset your password from the mobile app. 



  1. Download the App from your App Store
  2. Open the Campus App and Enter in the District ID for Carroll County Schools, which is: JTWXJW
  3. Enter in your username and password
  4. You are ready to use the mobile app


For New Portal Accounts:


If you are a new Carroll County Schools student, your student portal account is created for you. 


Username:  (Is your lunch number)

Your password will be formatted like this: 

Example:  If your name is John Smith and your birth date is August 12, 2001, your password will be: js081201



If this password does not work, please try the temp password of:






If you do not remember your user name and/or password, please use the Forgot your Password option located by clicking on the orange HELP icon.  THIS IS THE FASTEST WAY TO RESET YOUR PASSWORD.

If you need assistance with the portal or mobile app, please email for assistance.  These requests will be answered within 48 hours of being received except during holidays.  A response may be delayed due to school closings for teacher work days, holidays and/or weather. 

In the request, please include your name, user name, and the specific student portal account issue.  We can only send a response to an email address that is associated with the student or the parent/legal guardian of the student(s).  Please be prepared to answer verification questions to verify your account.  All information will be verified before a response is sent with the username and/or password.  Due to Privacy Laws, we cannot release any student information to unknown sources. 


NOTE – only the parent/legal guardian can make changes to phone numbers, addresses, and emergency contacts.  The Campus Help Desk can NOT make any changes to any information in the system.  Any changes regarding custody, addresses, etc will be done by the students’ school when the necessary documentation is provided to the school. 

**Only people that are listed as PARENTS and/or GUARDIANS of the student(s) will be able to gain access to the portal.  The Help Desk CANNOT make any changes to the parent/guardian status in the system.  You must contact the student(s) school for those types of changes.  The Help Desk does not have access to the students(s) permanent records therefore cannot verify the relationship between requester and the student(s).  Due to Privacy Laws, we cannot release any student information to unknown sources. 

**You CANNOT change your password thru the mobile portal.  You will have to log into the student portal thru the Carroll County Schools website to reset and/or change your password. 

**Please do NOT let anyone use your student account to log in with. 

We hope you find this information useful in accessing your student’s information thru our portal. 


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