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Comprehensive College Application/Financial Aid Guide - FREE!


Miscellaneous Scholarships:

Organization Website Deadline Award Amount Notes
SunTrust Off to College Scholarships link 5/13/2016 $500 Two winners chosen every week
 Millar & Mixon - Injury Attorneys link 5/1/2016  $2000, $1000, $500  Essay about dangers of distracted driving.
Adobo Link 8/1/2016 $500  Essay about what you're taking to college from your hometown
Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps Link --- Many  
Camp Cardiac Link --- Many 1-week camp for students aged 15 or older, interested in career in medicine
Camp Neuro Link --- Many 1-week camp for students aged 15 or older, interested in career in medicine
Spokeo Scholarships --- Various Link for over 50 scholarships in GA area
Wells Fargo Link Many Many Online repository of a number of Wells Fargo-sponsored scholarships
East Tennessee State University Link Many Many

Scholarship database for GA students interested in ETSU



How to use GAcollege411 to find scholarships for college:

Step 1: go to, log-in to your account, and click the “Financial Aid Planning” button.



Step 2: Click the “Scholarships” button in a next menu bar.


Step 3: Click the “Scholarship Finder” link.


Step 4:

Build your scholarship profile by clicking links on the right column and inputting information about you.


Step 5After inputting all your information, click the link that says “See Matching Scholarships” on the bottom of the page.



Step 6Follow links on this page to find information on each scholarship, and fill out applications for each one in which you are interested.



Step 7: Profit!!!!