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  Mission Statement  

The vision of Temple High School is that all students will become responsible and productive citizens. Our Mission is to educate and inspire students for a life of learning.

  About The School  

History of Temple High School

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The transportation system was the first in the state. The buses were mule and horsedrawn wagons with covered tops and side curtains which were lowered in bad weather.  Agricultural and homemaking education which was begun at Temple received state wide endorsement in 1906. This happened when the law was passed establishing eleven congressional district agricultural and mechanical schools in the state. 


“In the heart of grand ole Carroll
There’s a school so dear.
Where our hearts are ever turning
To the memories clear.
High aloft we hold our standards
Ever loyal true.
Hail to thee our Alma Mater.
Temple, Here’s to you!”


The first graduating class to wear caps and gowns during graduation was the class of
1936.  A total desegregation plan was put into effect in the fall of 1968. Providence Elementary
became Temple Primary for all first and second graders. The elementary and high school
on East Sage Street accommodated all students in grades three through twelve.
In 1974 the voters of the county passed a bond referendum for an extensive building
program. The new Temple High school was completed in the fall of 1976.
Holder, Burell Williams.